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MRI Scan Model

Within the medical field, the use of MRI scans has been tremendously helpful for neurosurgeons to accurately evaluate and visualize a patient's brain anatomy.  But what if we took it a step further and allowed doctors to hold a 1:1 representation in their hands? The 3D printed brain model allows just that.  Not only would this be a patient-specific aid, but it can also be applied as a teaching tool in the medical education community. This model is broken down into four sections: Red represents the Frontal lobe, responsible for motor control, speech, and smell; yellow represents the Parietal lobe and Cerebellum, responsible for taste, touch, and coordination; green represents the Occipital lobe, responsibly for vision; and blue represents the Temporal lobe,...

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Ball Joint Model

  The evolution of 3D printing creates new applications on a daily basis, and Palette helps to fuel this innovation. The ability to directly fabricate parts and roughly validate the design can create a lot of value. One application is the use of full scale models, like this automotive ball joint.  Engineers can use a scaled print to confirm the dimensions of the part and check how it interfaces with other parts of the system. Normally, this type of verification would require a prototype being taken off of a production line where it is cut open to check both the external fits and compliance of internal components to the required specifications. This process can take weeks to complete while also being costly.  ...

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Yoshimoto Cube

This ordinary looking grey box opens up to reveal a cool, colorful star! Printed in one piece by Palette with a CraftBot, the 'star' is a stellated rhombic dodecahedron.  Thanks to mathgrrl for the original model and description! If you want to see a Fidget Star 3D printing in the closed position, check this video out: (Credit to David_Mussaffi) Get your multi-color friendly STL here: Link

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Kobayashi Fidget Cube

Instead of tapping your foot or spinning your pen, why not try out this wonderfully fun Kobayashi Fidget Cube by pkobayashi, printed all in one piece!  Remixed in SolidWorks and printed in color with Palette and a Type A Series 1 printer, unfold and reassemble to change the color of the cube. Get the STL here: Link

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Citrus Coasters

Having a New Years party to close out 2016?  Print a few of these fresh Citrus Coasters to add some color to your celebration.  Printed on a Type A Series 1 printer with a Palette, mix and match colors to make a slice of your favourite citrusy fruit.   Get the STL here: Link

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