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Settlers In Space

Explore the depths of the universe and challenge your relationships with your friends with Settlers in Space, a Catan-style board game. Models Included Bio (Resource) H2O (Resource) Core (Resource) Foundry (Resource), produces Ti O2 (Resource) Space Pirate (Robber) Black Hole (Center) Space Links (Roads) Outpost (Settlement) Base (City) Dice Board Rim A Board Rim B Blank Tiles (for you to design your own pieces!) PDFs Included Resource Cards Development Cards   Get the STLs and files here.  

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Multi-Color, Multi-Material Ball in a Cube

  This model demonstrates the multi-material capabilities of Palette+ with the "impossible" object trapped in a cube. The floating sphere and intricate details of the cube were only made possible by the water soluble support material being spliced with PLA used in the printing process. Get the STLs here.  

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Multi-Color Flexible Pliers

  This pair of Multi-Color, Multi-Material Flexible Pliers showcases the many possibilities available with Palette+. Printed with a PLA - TPU - PLA combination and in one piece, these pliers are both functional and fun. Get the STLs here.  

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Dissolvable Gear Train

  This 3 Gear Train demo shows how Palette+ can enable your single extruder printer to create models using dissolvable supports. Printed in one piece, the gears move once the water-soluble supports have been removed. Get the STLs here.      

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Toronto City Hall Model

  3D printing allows you to shrink your world and recreate pieces of your environment. We decided to scale down a unique landmark down the street from our offices, Toronto's City Hall. Get the STLs here.    

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3D Printing