Mosaic Manufactured

Basketball Trophy

With the NBA season winding down, basketball fantasy pools everywhere are awarding their season champions. Print this 4-color trophy and give the winner something more than bragging rights! Find the STLs here.  

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Multi-color Poker Chips

Your next poker night is going to be a lot more lively with these multi-color, Mosaic themed poker chips!  We printed these chips with a layer of clear filament on the top and bottom to make them have a great feel and to help the first layer stick to the print bed.   You can also print them with 100% infill to give them that casino-style weight. Get the STL here.  

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Low-Poly Link

Here's our 4-color remix of Flowalistik's Low-Poly Link.  Printed on a Type A Series 1 Pro with a Palette, this Link model is strong enough to take on Ganon and find Zelda. Pro tip: If you're playing the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild, try attacking the chickens! Some chickens will reveal hidden Korok Seeds if you strike them three times. Check the STL here.

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Cellular Phone Case

  Make your iPhone 5 stand out with this 3D printed phone case influenced by the creators at, who draw their design inspiration from natural phenomena.  Printed on a Type A Series 1 Pro with Palette, the design is sleek, simple, and sturdy. Get your STL here: Link  

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MRI Scan Model

Within the medical field, the use of MRI scans has been tremendously helpful for neurosurgeons to accurately evaluate and visualize a patient's brain anatomy.  But what if we took it a step further and allowed doctors to hold a 1:1 representation in their hands? The 3D printed brain model allows just that.  Not only would this be a patient-specific aid, but it can also be applied as a teaching tool in the medical education community. This model is broken down into four sections: Red represents the Frontal lobe, responsible for motor control, speech, and smell; yellow represents the Parietal lobe and Cerebellum, responsible for taste, touch, and coordination; green represents the Occipital lobe, responsible for vision; and blue represents the Temporal lobe,...

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3D Printing