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Nerf Gun Target Practice

Nerf target practice is a practical way to relieve stress at the office. These targets were designed in OnShape (free, web-based computer-aided design software). The target holder was born and raised in Canada. Check out this follow-along video tutorial to learn how to use OnShape and model for multi-body 3D printing:

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Cube Illusion (Rhombic Dodecahedron)

These 4-color geometric models were built in OnShape. From a certain angle (first picture), the models appear to be shaped like cubes. The tight corners make this model an excellent test to see if your Palette and printer are functioning properly.  STLs available on Thingiverse here:

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Money Clip

    Designed in OnShape and printed in 4 colors on a Series 1 Type A with a Palette. The geometry was inspired by this video and so far has maintained a firm grip on 3-5 cards. STL's available here  

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Fuze Hanging Planter

Fuze is a self-watering wall hanging planter. Fuze was designed in OnShape, sliced in Simplify3D, processed in Mosaic Chroma software, and printed on a Type A Machines Series 1 Pro with a Palette. Fuze has a slightly porous barrier between the area that contains the water and the main area that houses the plant. Its geometry and structure were designed to be printed with no supports or rafts. Fuze can be printed as a solid or with a translucent window to allow its owner to quickly check the water level. Music: pure imagination (dotan negrin x prismatic mantis flip) by future james STL available here:

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Embedded Key Covers

This project was inspired by this video: by Devin. Check out his channel, it's amazing! These were designed in OnShape, sliced in S3D and printed on a Type A Series 1 Pro with a Palette. Music by Joakim Karud

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