Koselig // Light Shade

koselig /ko:seli / (Norwegian): cozy.

Koselig is a 3D printed shade that is designed to have two levels of brightness depending on its orientation. It was printed with ColorFabb natural and woodfill filaments on a Type A Machines Series 1 Pro with a Palette. 

Koselig lets more light through when
the natural PLA is on top.

The model was designed in OnShape and is available here

STL files are available here.


This post is part of a new series we're trying out called Mosaic Manufactured -- we're trying to show awesome applications of 3D printing and Palette. We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments, on reddit, via email, etc.


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  • Guy Snover

    Love it! Great design. I can’t wait to try a palette out.

  • Ian K.

    This lamp is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the design, and for all the work that has been put into developing the Palette. I had not heard of the Palette system until I saw the preview post of this lamp on Reddit, and I must say it is the most exciting piece of tech I have seen since I purchased my printer. Keep up the good work!

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