Cleaning the Hot Tool

These are the instructions for Palette owners who need to clean the hot tool.  We recommend cleaning the hot tool after every 500 splices as the buildup may affect splice quality.

  1. To gain access to the hot tool, you will need to remove Palette’s top. Use the 2.0mm hex key (the smaller of the two hex keys in your Palette Tool Kit) to remove the four bolts holding on Palette’s top.

  2. Remove Palette’s top.

  3. Ensure Palette is plugged into its power supply.  On Palette’s menu, select Manual Control > Clean Hot Tool.  

    WARNING: Do not use metal instruments on the hot tool (ex. pliers, tweezers, etc.).  The unit is plugged into a power supply, and metal contact can cause damage

  4. Once the hot tool is heated, the buildup will be ready to be removed.  Take a small piece of filament and create a loop which will fit under the hot tool. Drag the filament along the bottom of the hot tool to remove the loosened filament buildup.  Be sure not to rest your filament loop too long on the hot tool, or it may add to the buildup! 

  5. Once you have cleaned your hot tool, select “Cool” on the menu, and replace the top lid of your Palette, securing the 4 bolts.

You can repeat the above steps for any filament buildup on the top of the hot tool or within the mouth of the hot tool. 

And there you have it!  A clean hot tool, ready for another 500 splices.

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