Introduction to Digital Manufacturing

In our last post, Expectations vs. Reality: The Future of Consumer 3D Printing, we promised to highlight interesting verticals, spaces, and uses cases that highlight digital manufacturing's potential, and that we believe will become important over the next 3-5 years. BUT—before we do that, we think it's important to establish a common lexicon so we're on the same page when we discuss "Digital Manufacturing" (which we believe is a form of product delivery that will bring about the next industrial revolution). Today, when most products we use are manufactured, they’re created with standard formats (combinations of components that are assembled) and built in batches of hundreds or thousands. You've probably seen pictures like the one below…. Many men and women wearing...

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Expectations vs. Reality: The Future of Consumer 3D Printing

Five years ago, the media heralded 3D printing as the next industrial revolution: consumers would soon have the ability to make anything they wanted in their living rooms (supposedly). 3D printers were supposed to show up in supermarkets. The United States Postal Service was going to use them to begin delivering products (and maybe finally make money). What ever happened to Martha + MakerBot? MakerBot had a mission to bring the 3D printer into every home. Their team grew from 50 to over 500 in two years' time. Stratasys’s stock price went from <$10 to nearly $140/share. 3D Systems acquired over 50 companies, and 3D printing was set to take the world by storm. This graph is awfully similar to that...

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3 things to do before backing a Kickstarter campaign

Following up on our previous post on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign (which you can find here), here are our thoughts on how to evaluate campaigns from the perspective of a backer. We've backed many campaigns both as a company and collectively as individuals. We've spent countless hours reading and assessing comments, campaign updates, and campaign pages. We'll start off with a high-level look at why many campaigns fail, then we'll dig into how you can vet campaigns before taking the plunge and backing them. We'll wrap up with an assessment of a campaign that's currently live.   3 common reasons for crowdfunding failures 1. Poor cash flow projection/budgeting From the "Car Built for Homer" to the Monorail Fail, The...

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Real talk: 8 Tenets of Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

A Palette print from our Kickstarter campaign in April 2015. We launched our Kickstarter almost two years ago. It ended up doing quite well, but we’ll never forget the feeling of uncertainty before the campaign went live. It's challenging to suppress fears like: "will people actually buy this?", "are we taking the right steps to launch?", and "if the campaign goes well… will we actually be able to deliver on all the promises we’re making?" With a few recent high-profile failures, including Tiko, Peachy 3D Printer, Coolest Cooler, and Skully, we've put together this post to provide some suggestions that we believe all creators should take when creating, launching, and fulfilling crowdfunding campaigns — no matter their size. This post...

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Finished! Fini! ¡Terminado! 完成!Komplett! Finito! Perfectus! !پایان

Wooo! It’s here! It’s finally here! In the last month, we’ve boxed up the final Palettes for the Kickstarter campaign. And we couldn’t be more excited! A few things in this update: First, if you backed through the Kickstarter campaign, and have not already received your product, you have a Palette waiting for you in our facility that we would love to send you. Please check your email for a shipping invoice from us. If you can’t find one, please email Second, we’ve put together a few statistics about our updates, campaign, and product/manufacturing inputs below. Third, we take a moment to reflect on the journey that evolved from the Kickstarter campaign and to thank our amazing team of backers. ...

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3D Printing