Real talk: 8 Tenets of Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

A Palette print from our Kickstarter campaign in April 2015. We launched our Kickstarter almost two years ago. It ended up doing quite well, but we’ll never forget the feeling of uncertainty before the campaign went live. It's challenging to suppress fears like: "will people actually buy this?", "are we taking the right steps to launch?", and "if the campaign goes well… will we actually be able to deliver on all the promises we’re making?" With a few recent high-profile failures, including Tiko, Peachy 3D Printer, Coolest Cooler, and Skully, we've put together this post to provide some suggestions that we believe all creators should take when creating, launching, and fulfilling crowdfunding campaigns — no matter their size. This post...

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Finished! Fini! ¡Terminado! 完成!Komplett! Finito! Perfectus! !پایان

Wooo! It’s here! It’s finally here! In the last month, we’ve boxed up the final Palettes for the Kickstarter campaign. And we couldn’t be more excited! A few things in this update: First, if you backed through the Kickstarter campaign, and have not already received your product, you have a Palette waiting for you in our facility that we would love to send you. Please check your email for a shipping invoice from us. If you can’t find one, please email Second, we’ve put together a few statistics about our updates, campaign, and product/manufacturing inputs below. Third, we take a moment to reflect on the journey that evolved from the Kickstarter campaign and to thank our amazing team of backers. ...

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The Future of FDM - 3D Printing has Evolved

3D printers create physical objects from digital files. These objects are made of metal powders, resins, plastics, and even concrete. Each family of 3D printing technologies has pros and cons, and each contributes to the industry in its own way. From FDM to SLA to SLS, each printing technology has its own unique focus. 3D printers allow their operators to create everything from jet engine parts using SLS, to movie props using SLA, to engineering design tests using FDM. For decades, 3D printing has been used in industrial applications, but only in the past few years has it started to become more accessible and more popular in consumer settings. FDM technology has been leading this shift, accounting for more than 90% of printers...

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December Blog - Shipments, Spool Holders, and Palette Prints!

Hey everyone! Wanted to put out a quick post on how the delivery process is going and to fill you in on what’s been happening around Mosaic. Let’s dive right in! Delivery Update Our Kickstarter Backers 1 through 309 should have received a PayPal invoice for shipping charges (if you are an Ultimate Package backer please see the Ultimate Package Refunds section below, you may not have received an invoice for shipping but you should have received an email from Once these are paid, a Palette will be on its way to you! If you are a backer in that group and have not heard from us, please send us a message and we’ll make sure an invoice is sent....

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Mosaic Manufacturing + Type A Machines

Toronto - November 5, 2016 Since Mosaic's founding, our goal has always been to make 3D printing more useful. We began by creating Palette, an accessory product to upgrade current machines. We believed that Palette was the best first step toward (1) validating that the 3D printing community sees the value in SEEM, the tech that powers Palette, and (2) learning how best to build a product that people want. Our team of 464 Kickstarter backers knows that we've run into all sorts of manufacturing challenges. All the while, we have sought to be as transparent as possible about our progress through our comprehensive updates. Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce the next step. We have officially partnered with Type A Machines, makers...

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