Introducing Chroma 3

Palette+ upgrades most filament-based (FFF/FDM) 3D printers to print in 4+ materials with only 1 extruder. Chroma 3 is Palette+'s newest companion software that helps make this happen. chro·ma | purity or intensity of color To print models with pristine colors, Chroma adds transition towers to prints. When a printer changes from one filament to the next, it extrudes the mixed material on the transition tower.  A transition tower and Chromatic Vase printed with Palette+. Model by Devin @ MakeAnything. Most people are surprised by the amount of filament required to purge a nozzle cleanly (and this applies to all multi-material, single-nozzle 3D printing devices). Popular YouTubers like 3D Maker Noob have produced entire videos explaining 'the purge.' Filament waste is by far the #1 hesitation among prospective Palette+ owners — and the community has many suggestions on how to...

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First Palette+ Batch Shipped!

We're thrilled to announce that the first batch of Palette+ units have been shipped! We're very grateful for the support and excitement for the new and improved Palette+. For many of you who made pre-orders, your machine is on the way!  Recap: Palette+'s biggest changes Multi-Material - Solubles, PETG, PLA and flexibles (for advanced users) can now be used with with Palette+. Learn more about combining different materials together in the Palette+ Multi-Material 3D Printing Guide. New Splicing Technology - Unlocks the multi-material potential mentioned above, but also makes every splice much more reliable.  Chroma 2 - Our updated version of Chroma includes a simplified on-boarding process to get you up and printing, as well as the ability to handle a wider...

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Palette+ is now compatible with LulzBot machines! (TAZ 5, TAZ 6, Mini)

The LulzBot TAZ 5, TAZ 6, and Mini are now compatible with Palette+! Print impossible overhangs with water-soluble support. Make heat- and water-resistant models in 4 colors of durable PETG. Create functional, end-use products by combining PLA with a flexible TPU. Learn more about Palette+ here:! If you purchase a Palette+ using code "LulzBot", we'll include a free kit to convert your LulzBot to print with 1.75mm filament. This conversion is relatively simple and reversible. Learn more about the benefits of printing with 1.75mm filament, and what the conversion looks like here:   A low-poly Bulbasaur model printing on a LulzBot TAZ 5 with a Palette+   The finished Bulbasaur print (model by flowalistik). It's massive!   Order a...

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3 Key Factors in Advancing Multi-Material 3D Printing

If you’ve followed any of our blog posts (or Kickstarter updates) in the past, you’ll know that we believe firmly in transparency. In the spirit of this mantra, in this post, we reflect on the evolution of our products and share how you can expect our technology and products to evolve in the coming years, and how they fit into our mission. The Factors Our mission is to increase the range of objects that 3D printers can create (which we believe is essential in making 3D printing more useful). We see 3 factors as essential in achieving this mission. Below, we discuss and compare Palette (our first product) and Palette+ (recently released) so you can track and assess our progress on each...

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Multi-Material Printing with Your 3D Printer: Introducing Palette+

We began developing Palette over three years ago with the goal of bringing multi-color printing to every filament-based (FFF/FDM) 3D printer. Over time, we came to realize that Palette’s core technology could offer more than multi-color PLA prints—it could enable multi-material printing. Time and time again, members of the 3D printing community would ask if Palette was compatible with water-soluble materials, engineering polymers, and flexible materials. The answer was always no—until today! We’re delighted to announce Palette+! Palette+ enables multi-material printing on most 1.75mm filament-based (FFF) printers. Palette+ is available for pre-order for $799 USD, with the first batch leaving our facility on July 31, 2017. Reserve yours by clicking here, or read on to find out more. Palette+ is...

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