The Future of FDM - 3D Printing has Evolved

3D printers create physical objects from digital files. These objects are made of metal powders, resins, plastics, and even concrete. Each family of 3D printing technologies has pros and cons, and each contributes to the industry in its own way. From FDM to SLA to SLS, each printing technology has its own unique focus. 3D printers allow their operators to create everything from jet engine parts using SLS, to movie props using SLA, to engineering design tests using FDM. For decades, 3D printing has been used in industrial applications, but only in the past few years has it started to become more accessible and more popular in consumer settings. FDM technology has been leading this shift, accounting for more than 90% of printers...

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Mosaic Manufacturing + Type A Machines

Toronto - November 5, 2016 Since Mosaic's founding, our goal has always been to make 3D printing more useful. We began by creating Palette, an accessory product to upgrade current machines. We believed that Palette was the best first step toward (1) validating that the 3D printing community sees the value in SEEM, the tech that powers Palette, and (2) learning how best to build a product that people want. Our team of 464 Kickstarter backers knows that we've run into all sorts of manufacturing challenges. All the while, we have sought to be as transparent as possible about our progress through our comprehensive updates. Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce the next step. We have officially partnered with Type A Machines, makers...

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October Fulfillment Update

OK Team, We’re back with another post - we’re going to detail what’s happening in our manufacturing operation, the customer feedback we’re getting, and how we’re taking that feedback into account to make sure you have the best possible experience with your Palette. In the past month we had the personnel on our assembly team cycle a bit more than we’d hoped. A few individuals went to continue their education, and one was brought on to our engineering design team. This left a bit of a manpower issue over the month of September, which decreased our output a bit more than we’d hoped. Since the beginning of August, we’ve been able to manufacture and pass about 80 Palettes. 38 Palettes...

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Hey Team, As you might have guessed from the title….. we’re moving forward with shipping the first batch! Delivery day has arrived, and we have 40 beautiful Palettes to show for it. This day has not arrived without its challenges – but after more than two years of development we have a product that we’re proud to be shipping out. We’re going to give you a look at what went into the final steps of Palette’s manufacturing and quality control processes, as well as what the final challenges we faced were…. But before that we think it’d be interesting to take a step back and give you a snapshot of where we started two years ago.  Check out the below...

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August Delivery Update

Hi Team,  It looks like Delivery Day is right around the corner.  To give a quick recap - In our last post we talked everyone through the 10 Palettes we were testing with the new drive systems. Things were looking positive, so we put an order in for 50 Palettes worth of drives.  We ended the update stating that if these 50 Palettes passed QC we would ship them out, if they didn't, we would have to take a step back and re-evaluate.  Back in March, we would build 10 Palettes in a week and at the end of the week, between 2 and 4 of them would would pass our QC tests.  Yesterday, we passed 5 Palettes. This is...

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