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Thanks for taking a minute to check out our About Us page – we’d like to intro you to the people behind Mosaic, a bit about our story, and what we’re all about.

Mosaic was founded in June of 2014 out of Kingston, a small city in Ontario, Canada, through the Queen’s Innovation Connector. Our founders spent the first year of Mosaic focused on bringing our first product, Palette, to a production ready state. After many long hours, jammed printers and prototype iterations we had a version that worked reliably – so we launched a Kickstarter project (link).

Kickstarter surpassed every one of our expectations - we went on and secured 300% of our goal. We received an amazing amount of support for a project we created from white-board concepts, through thousands of failures, to (finally) a product that worked. After Kickstarter we started to scale our team, we moved out of our Montréal office (Huge thanks to FounderFuel and Notman House for being so accommodating) and into a new space in Toronto.

We’re always refining what our company is about – but we’ve been able to establish  three main goals:

Build a new standard:

Our company started with a simple goal – to bring colour to desktop 3D printing. We’re working to move the industry from monochrome, mono-material objects being the norm to multi-colour and multi-material objects coming off of every desktop 3D printer.

Create the next generation 3D printers:

But we don’t want to create the printers themselves. We’re all about developing new technology to let 3D printers create more, and enabling our users through our relationships with our industry partners. We’re working with the industry to create a new standard.

Develop new approaches:

Mosaic was founded on the idea that the printers of today are nowhere near their full potential. That the desktop printers we use a decade from now will be able to create a much wider range of useful, beautiful, customizable objects. We view the critical path to this adoption as being the limited range of objects users can create. This perspective guides our product development goals.


We're located in Toronto, Ontario at 103 Richmond Street East, Suite 404, M5C 1N9. If you want to get in touch, feel free to email us at info@mosaicmanufacturing.com!




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