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Get started with your Palette!

Detailed Setup Guide - with .gifs! (Updated: Oct 30, 2016): Link

Palette Quick Start Guide (Updated: Oct 27, 2016): (1) for viewing on a screen, or (2) for printing

Palette Quick Start Guide Video: YouTube

Teflon Tube Clip files (Updated: Sep 7, 2016): Every Palette ships with a Teflon tube clip that works with most printers. However, we're working on gathering different designs that are more optimal for different printers. Email us at if the Teflon tube clip that shipped with your Palette doesn't seem to be working well with your printer.

Palette User Manual (Updated: Aug 29, 2016): We're working hard to complete the manual, but we know that some of the earliest Kickstarter backers are already receiving their Palettes, and we wanted to share what we could as early as possible. The manual in its current state can be downloaded here: Download (Work in Progress). It will be updated soon. We'll send out an update on Kickstarter when it's more polished. Thank you for your patience, and please let us know if you have any questions (

Setup files (used during calibration to help your Palette get to know your printer better): Download

Mosaic Chroma Software v1.2.2 (Updated: Dec 19, 2016):

Important!: For Chroma to process your G-code files correctly, you must include certain header information. See here for more info:

Operating System Download Link
Windows (x32 or x64) Download (95.0 MB)
Mac OS X Download (57.6 MB)
Linux (x64) Contact Us

Note: Downloads may require software, like 7-Zip, to unzip compressed files.
(Software & firmware changes are noted in Chroma.)

Multi-Filament Prints on Thingiverse: Link


Palette Setup Video Series Playlist

This video series is from April 2016. We're in the process of updating these videos.
They'll still be relevant, but there might be some parts missing. If in doubt, refer to the manual above instead.


Slicing 3D Models in CuraLink
Slicing 3D Models in Simplify3D: Link

 Modeling: Designing 3D Models in Color




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