Need assistance with your Palette™? Check out the resources below that will help throughout your Palette experience! 



Setup Resources

Setup Guides

Just got your Palette and need some help setting it up with your printer? Check out our setup guides below:

Detailed Online Setup Guide: Link

Palette Quick Start Guide - Lost the instructions included with your Palette?  Print it here: Link


Calibration is important to teach Palette about your 3D Printer.  Below, you'll find our Calibration Cube file along with a quick video guide:

Calibration Files: Download
Calibration Tutorial: Link


Setup Accessories

Teflon Tube Clip files: Every Palette ships with a Teflon tube clip that works with most printers. However, we're working on gathering different designs that are more optimal for different printers. Email us at if none of the following Teflon tube clip models below work well with your printer.

  1. Standard Teflon Tube Clip STL - This is the Teflon tube clip which is shipped with your Palette: Link
  2. Thin Base Teflon Tube Clip STL - This model has a thin base that can be used as is or easily trimmed with scissors:  Link
  3. Teflon Tube Clip with no base STL - This design is ideal when there is very little surface area for velcro:  Link 

Filament Spool Pal:  These guys help turn the ordinary, purple box which housed your Palette into your very own filament holder!
Box Conversion instructions: Link
Filament Spool Pal STL: Link 




Mosaic Chroma Software v1.2.2
Operating System Download Link
Windows (x32 or x64) Download (95.0 MB)
Mac OS X Download (57.6 MB)
Linux (x64) Contact Us

Note: Downloads may require software, like 7-Zip, to unzip compressed files.
(Software & firmware changes are noted in Chroma.)

Important!: For Chroma to process your G-code files correctly, you must include certain header information. OR!  Chroma is able to convert your profile for you. See here for more info: Link





Check out our Thingiverse page!



OnShape (Cloud 3D CAD system): Link
Modeling 3D Models in OnShape: Link

123D Design (Free modeling software): Link
Modelling 3D Models in 123D Design: Link



Cura Slicer (Palette is compatible with Cura 15.x.x): Link
Slicing 3D Models in Cura: Link

Simplify3D Slicer: Link
Slicing 3D Models in Simplify3D: Link




3D Printing