Palette is powered by SEEM Technology (Series Enabled Extrusion of Materials); SEEM includes four internal modules, a software component, and an external sensor. 

SEEM Technology lets you print with multiple filaments on your single extruder 3D printer, with no wires or other modifications. SEEM features an industry-first closed loop feedback system to ensure your print stays in calibration layer, after layer.

SEEM begins by pulling information from a multi-extruder .gcode file to determine the length, and the order, each color segment needs to be.


The SEEM Module is what enables your printer to create a new range of objects.

By combining newly designed drive systems, a cutter, and a splicer, SEEM takes your printer beyond the limitations known by it today. Now you can combine materials with different properties, finishes, and colours to create objects like never before.


With The Palette you can use two specific slicing programs, Cura and Simplify3D. Simply download our stand-alone application, Chroma, and modify your .gcode/.x3g file before it goes to your printer.

Staying in Sync

Printing isn’t a perfect science; so we created a closed-loop feedback system to make sure your filaments show up right where they should.

The SEEM module communicates with an external sensor, known as the “Scroll Wheel.” The Scroll Wheel reads signals from your printer, making changes to the filament lengths in real time to create a reliable printing experience for you.


3D Printing