Palette+ (1.75mm)

Palette+ (1.75mm)

$799.00 USD

(The first batch that will ship on July 31, 2017 is sold out. The current estimated ship time for new orders is mid- to late-August.)

Palette+ is the new and improved Palette. Palette+ lets you build an unprecedented range of creations on the 3D printer you already own. Palette+ enables multi-color, multi-material printing. It works with PLA, PETG, select water-soluble materials, and select TPU (flexible) materials. The ability to print in up to four colors and materials with different properties allows your printer to move beyond creating single-color and single-property objects. Click here to learn more about Palette+'s tech and material compatibility.

Palette+ ships from Canada. The price does not include duties, VAT, or any other applicable import charges.

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