Upgrade your Palette to Palette+

Upgrade your Palette to Palette+

$249.00 USD

This is for Palette owners who wish to upgrade their Palette to Palette+.

Learn more about Palette+'s features here.
Learn more about the upgrade process here.

1. Contact support@mosaicmanufacturing.com with some information we can use to authenticate your purchase (like your full name, your Palette's serial number [found on the sticker on your Scroll Wheel], your Shopify order number, or your Kickstarter backer number).

2. Purchase your upgrade ($249 + taxes/shipping).

3. Mosaic will notify you when we're ready for you to ship your Palette back to our facility.

4. When we're ready, ship us your Palette. We'll upgrade your Palette, test it, and ship it back to you!

Questions? support@mosaicmanufacturing.com

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